Cairo Struggles Toward Normalcy as Mubarak Tries to Wait Out Protest - NYTimes.com

Cairo Struggles Toward Normalcy as Mubarak Tries to Wait Out Protest - NYTimes.com

ZOMG two screen phone!

Kyocera echo from Sprint (PCWorld)

Ok! Sprint is really starting to impress me. Remember a couple years ago when Nextel was going under and Sprint bought them up and before that when Sprint was going under? So do I; seems like a lifetime ago compared to the innovation and creativity that this telecommunications company is involved in now. A hand sized tablet with Android? A two screen phone? Stupid fast connectivity(not everywhere)? Sprint has even got some of the most acclaimed pricing options. Whoever took control of this company grabbed it by the boot straps and created a company I am really interested in doing business with!

A quick hit on the world news shows us that turmoil is abound.

Islamic chechnyans
Kim Jong-il to Mubarek: "Happy Birthday"
Suicide bomber in Kandahar kills 2
Sudanese youth protest leaders
Thai and cambodian troops clash
Eta shuns violence

I can't say that the world has gotten any worse; but it certainly hasn't gotten any better
iPhone4 showing up a little early!

Verizon customers who opted for early acceptance of their once-and-future-king iPhone4 started receiving them today. Does anyone else think that it's a little late for this?

Egytian news all in one place!

Death a small price to pay for freedom!

Keeping up with this should give us (Americans) a great place to start for our own needs. Our system is failing and anyone not able to see that yet is either foolish or ignorant. We need to band together and create a better world and government for our future generations. We are quickly becoming the laughing stock of the world. I am an American. I am free; but free from what? Am I free from tyranny, from unconstitutional acts, from corruption? Do we need to free ourselves from our self-created prison?


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Ever wonder if women were actually crazy?

Histrionic personality disorder (incomplete)
Passive Aggressive behavior
Borderline Personality Disorder

Lord knows I have. I've been doing some studying and came across this article on wiki that might be of some interest to those of you whom are interested in the fairer (or crazier) sex. If it doesn't make sense to you it's because you're a sucker (or you haven't met anyone like this). I realize now that most of my ex's were actually certifiable from OCD to full on schizophrenia. No doubt, anyone else got some good articles to share?


Egyptian protestors!

This is how a group of people should act when faced with tyranny and an overzealous government!