Ever wonder if women were actually crazy?

Histrionic personality disorder (incomplete)
Passive Aggressive behavior
Borderline Personality Disorder

Lord knows I have. I've been doing some studying and came across this article on wiki that might be of some interest to those of you whom are interested in the fairer (or crazier) sex. If it doesn't make sense to you it's because you're a sucker (or you haven't met anyone like this). I realize now that most of my ex's were actually certifiable from OCD to full on schizophrenia. No doubt, anyone else got some good articles to share?


  1. Wouldnt surprise me if most of them are. I know some girls that are batshit crazy!

  2. I'm sitting next to one right now. All they need to do is to keep their mouths shut, that stops the crazy :)

  3. You just have to find the right balance between crazy/good characteristics...